Ice Dance - 2002 Olympic Champions Marina Anissina and Gwendal Peizerat

AFP 2002

Congratulations to Marina and Gwendal for winning the 2002 Olympic Ice Dance competition!


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Soleus: Control, Audit, Consulting and Training of Sports & Leisure infrastructures


Video from Les Étoiles de la Glace - 2004 tour (22-nov-2004 Exhibition in Lyon, France)

Videos from Les Étoiles de la Glace - 2003 tour (Exhibition in Lille, France)


Photos/Videos by Gwendal
Videos from 2001 NHK Trophy in Kumamoto, Japan
Videos from

Message: Audio CD requests
I received many requests and sent 10+ CDs so far.
From now on, please address your request in anissina-peizerat yahoo group community: round tape sessions are regularly
organized and hope that CD will be part of the package.

You wonder how I get this music?
Well, I should say Big Thanks to Gwendal for providing me the CDs!

How to download:  use 'Save target as'/'Enregistrer la cible sous'  + I Recommend GetRight (Download resume software)
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